AidInfoSec Report an attack

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Attack detail

Attack Date Location
January 2021 Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey
Target organisation Attack category
Multiple unidentified NGOs Passive attack

Additional notes on attack

Attackers gained access to org servers via a SessionManager backdoor, permitting a range of malicious activities including access to company emails and manipulation of org data systems.

Harm Notes
Harms linked to data breach, Unknown Harms linked to data breach - attackers have potentially had access to org data and internal communications, potentially compromising org activity Unknown - not clear what else might have been achieved by attackers
Future harms Resolution/Recovery
Future harm to digital capacity, Future harms linked to data breach Kaspersky has disseminated threat information
Actor type Actor name(s)
Unknown GELSEMIUM (Cyber security firm speculation)
Attacker agenda
Other: Agenda unkown beyond seeking access to systems
Source Source name
Traditional Media Nigeria News
Source URLs