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Attack detail

Attack Date Location
January 2021 Other, Unknown
Target individual Attack category
Ghassan Halaika, Ubai Aboudi, Salah Hammouri; multiple unnamed Palestinian Human Rights defenders Unknown

Additional notes on attack

"...the devices of six Palestinian human rights defenders were hacked with NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware...The hacking took place prior to the Israeli government’s decision to designate a number of organizations working in the West Bank as terrorist organizations, a decision that governments and civil society organizations worldwide have strongly condemned."

Harm Notes
Harms linked to data breach Harms linked to data breach - attackers gained access to targets' mobile phones, potentially accessing personal information/information pertaining to Palestinian human-rights efforts
Actor type Actor name(s)
State Actor Unknown
Attacker agenda Attacker location
State Activity i
Source Source name
Organization disclosure CitizenLab
Source URLs