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Attack detail

Attack Date Location
January 2019 Switzerland, Austria (Vienna; Geneva)
Target organisation Attack category
United Nations Unknown

Additional notes on attack

"Dozens of UN servers – including systems at its human rights offices, as well as its human resources department – were compromised and some administrator accounts breached"

Harm Notes
Harm to digital capacity, Harms linked to data breach, Reputational harm harm to digital capacity - attackers gained access to internal UN systems, potentially disrupting activity harms linked to data breach - attackers were likely able to view lists of user accounts, as well as gain access to employees' personal data reputational harm - UN's reputation as a secure organisation damaged
UN conducted workshops, assessments to mitigate exploited vulnerabilities
Actor type Actor name(s)
Unknown Unknown
Attacker agenda
Other: Motivation unclear - wide range of potential actors with incentive to access UN records
Source Source name
Online media The New Humanitarian
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