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Attack detail

Attack Date Location
Friday 26 March 2021 Brazil
Target organisation Attack category
Portal Catarinas Active attack
DDoS (Denial of Service attack)

Additional notes on attack

"unidentified attackers orchestrated DDoS attacks on Portal Catarinas, an online media outlet dedicated to gender issues and human rights in the state of Santa Catarina. As reported by CPJ, the outlet’s website and institutional email accounts were inaccessible for several hours during those days. The day the attack started, the site had published an article critical of a bill currently under discussion in the Brazilian Senate that would offer victims of rape a financial reward if they forego an abortion."

Harm Notes
Harm to digital capacity Harm to digital capacity - site was inaccessible periodically throughout the attack period
Actor type
Attacker agenda
Other: Unknown - comes against a backdrop of conservative government crackdown on progressive elements of Brazilian society