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Attack detail

Attack Date Location
January 2022 Multiple European refugee charities
Target organisation Attack category
Unspecified refugee charities Unknown
Surface Type
Unknown Unknown

Additional notes on attack

" Hackers are targeting European charity groups working to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing the country following Russia's invasion."

Harm Notes
Harm to digital capacity, Physical human harm, Reputational harm harm to digital capacity [potential] - hackers may have compromised charities' ability to provide services to refugees physical human harm [potential] - refugees might not have received necessary services for comfort and wellbeing reputational harm [potential] - charities might have suffered reputational harm as a result of perceived vulnerability to hacks
Actor type Actor name(s)
State Actor Unknown
Attacker agenda Attacker location
State Activity Russian Federation
Source Source name
Government disclosure Viktor Zhora, Deputy Chief, Ukrainian State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection
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