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Attack detail

Attack Date Location
January 2016 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (London)
Target organisation Attack category
Amnesty International Active attack
Surface Type
Email Unknown

Additional notes on attack

Attackers posed as a fake human-rights NGO ("Voiceless Victims") to establish contact with Amnesty International. Attackers attempted to redirect Amnesty machines to a website which would reveal critical information about the IT systems Amnesty staff were using with the suspected goal of informing further attacks.

Harm Notes
Other Other - although Amnesty systems were resilient enough to prevent the attack, it contains the potential for the future compromise of Amnesty's information integrity
Actor type Actor name(s)
State Actor "Amelie Lefebvre" + "Voiceless Victims"
Attacker agenda Attacker location
State Activity Unknown
Source Source name
Organization disclosure Amnesty International
Source URLs