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Attack detail

Attack Date Location
January 2020 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America (London, New York, Washington DC)
Target organisation Attack category
World Vision; Save the Children; Human Rights Watch Active attack
Surface Type
Unknown Unknown

Additional notes on attack

Ransomware Attack targeting Blackbaud’s cloud-based services "they are used by nonprofits, from domestic charities to major universities, to collect funds and manage their communities: They power the donation pages of NGOs and the back-end management databases that keep track of their regular givers. "

Harm Notes
Economic harm, Harm to digital capacity, Reputational harm "Names, addresses, and records of individual donations were compromised by hackers [..] "According to a former international NGO fundraiser who used Blackbaud’s tools, the types of systems that have been breached typically contain sensitive personal details, such as “how much somebody’s worth, and how much they give, and what kinds of projects they tend to give to”, as well as notes from calls and meetings."
Future harms Resolution/Recovery
Economic harm, Reputational harm Ransom was paid by Blackbaud. Clients subsequently filed lawsuits against the company.