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Attack Date Location
Wednesday 07 January 1998 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (London)
Target organisation Attack category
UNICEF Unknown

Additional notes on attack

"Unknown culprits invaded the home page of the United Nation's Children Fund (UNICEF), threatening a "holocaust" if famed hacker Kevin Mitnick is not released from prison...Those who cracked UNICEF's site intertwined a jargon-filled message with the children's rights organization's information about the starvation and exploitation of children around the world. They also posted photographs of women in bathing suits. The page was titled "Starvin' for Kevin.""

Harm Notes
Reputational harm Reputational harm - UNICEF's data integrity was compromised
Actor type Actor name(s)
Unknown Unknown
Attacker agenda
Anarchic / Disruptive
Source Source name
Online media CNET
Source URLs