AidInfoSec Report an attack

Report an attack

Have you experienced or do you know of a cyberattack on an aid organisation? Help us to update our database by completing the form below as thoroughly as possible. You can share the data anonymously if preferred and the form is user-friendly, guiding you through seven topic areas. While much of the information is optional, the more information you provide, the better we can jointly understand and address cyber threats. Any reported information will be reviewed by our team before being made visible.

1. Attack date and target
2. Attack information

Details here on the difference between targeted and untargeted, details on attack surface, difference between passive and active plus explanation on using additional notes.

3. Harms incurred from attack
  1. Harms

    Future harms

4. Cyber Attacker Information
  1. Actor Types

  2. Agenda

5. Additional Information
6. Source information
  1. Sources

7. Contact (optional)

Whilst the inclusion of contact details is optional to allow contribution from those whose employment or safety may be compromised by an attack report submission, we do ask that where possible you provide details to permit further clarification where necessary.