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Useful Links to Cyber-security Online Tools

With digital threats multiplying around us, the question of where to even start tackling our cyber security can sometimes feel daunting. yet, there are a number of useful tools already available online that can help you make that first step. To help you navigate them, the Aid_Info_Sec team have put together a list of what we think are good starting points.

Overview of cyber-threats and cyber-security mechanisms

Cyber-security assessment tools

  • Cybersecurity Assessment Tool: “designed to measure the maturity, resiliency, and strength of an organization’s cybersecurity efforts” (by Ford Foundation)
  • Your Security Plan: “This guide will teach you how to make a security plan for your digital information and how to determine what solutions are best for you” (by Surveillance Self-Defense)
  • Freedom on the Net 2021, “features a ranked, country-by-country assessment of online freedom, a global overview of the latest developments, as well as in depth country reports” (by Freedom House)

Cyber-security resources

  • Surveillance Self-Defense: “Tips, Tools and How-Tos for Safer Online Communication” (by Electronic Frontier Foundation)
  • The Digital First Aid Kit: “a free resource to help rapid responders, digital security trainers, and tech-savvy activists to better protect themselves and the communities they support against the most common types of digital emergencies” (by Rapid Response Network and CiviCERT)
  • Guardian Project: “creates easy to use secure apps, open-source software libraries, and customized solutions that can be used around the world by any person looking to protect their communications and personal data from unjust intrusion, interception and monitoring”
  • Safe Sisters: “A fellowship program for women human rights defenders, journalists or media workers, and activists that train them to be able to understand and respond to the digital security challenges they face in their work and daily life” (Resources section with guides in English, Kiswahili, and Burmese)

Digital first aid

  • Digital Security Helpline, “works with individuals and organizations around the world to keep them safe online” (by Access Now)